California Clean Money Action Fund Internships

The California Clean Money Action Fund is looking for motivated interns to help the pass one of the most important pieces of legislation that will be voted on this session: Assembly Bill 14, the California DISCLOSE Act. Work with the CCMAF to help change the rules of how elections are won and lost by disclosing who really pays for political ads that manipulate the minds of voters. To learn more go to

Internship Expectations

  • Learn, understand, and participate in grassroots campaign organizing and the legislative process by helping to pass AB 14, the California DISCLOSE Act.
  • Attend a weekly internship meeting/training in Culver City office.
  • Gather signatures, enter supporter data, and phone bank to supporters.
  • Survey and recruit potential volunteers.
  • Engage in legislative lobbying in Sacramento and/or locally.
  • Receive training and experience in the use of the campaign's web based tools: NGP Van data and phone banking, Callfire automated phone banking, Google Drive library, and others.
  • Participate in special projects (e.g. fundraising, research, editing/writing, speaking).

Basic Level: Minimum commitment of 100 hours

Advanced Level: Minimum commitment of 150 hours and has additional responsibilities including recruiting and leading your own volunteer teams.

Volunteers are welcomed at any level of involvement if you are unable to commit to a full internship but would like to be involved and support the California DISCLOSE Act


Gain valuable experience and cultivate essential professional skills by working with our field organizers and executive director on a grassroots political campaign.  Upon successful completion of the internship program, the Intern will receive a letter of recommendation and a professional reference for future opportunities.  CCMAF is very willing to work with interns and university programs to offer credit whenever possible.  Any authorized travel or out of pocket expenses made by interns on behalf of the company will reimbursed. No other financial compensation will be involved in this internship.

Application Instructions

To be considered for this internship, send your resume to

About California Clean Money

The California Clean Money Action Fund is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization that is the political advocacy arm of the 501(c)(3) California Clean Money Campaign. The California Clean Money Action Fund has been fighting for legislation and ballot measures to limit the undue influence of Big Money in California politics since 2006.