Fair Elections Work for Honest Government

Thanks to Fair Elections public funding of campaigns of the type Measure H will help allow, nearly 400 elected officials in 8 states
are accountable only to voters, not big money donors.

Measure H is based on a tried and true system that has been tested in seven states.  In those states that have adopted fair elections systems:

  • Voter turnout has increased because citizens know their votes really matter;
  • Elections have become more competitive as more candidates with more new ideas are able to run for office and win;
  • Voters and candidates alike give high marks to fair elections because they mean issues, not campaign donations, are front and center.

It's Proven, It Makes a Difference, and Voters Want It

Fair Elections are Working in Eight States

Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Vermont have all adopted Fair Elections systems.  Nearly 400 candidates using only Fair Elections funding in their.  Since public financing began in Arizona and Maine, elected officials have passed bi-partisan, ground breaking legislation that would not have been possible if they had to fear retribution from powerful special interests.  More women and candidates of diverse backgrounds have been elected in these states.

Fair Elections Matter for the Issues You Care About

Fair Elections reduce the influence of special interests so everyone’s voice can be heard by our elected officials. That means we can finally make progress on the issues we care about, including:
Health Care
and more…

Los Angeles Voters Want Measure H

  • Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly passed the original Measure H in 1990 to create the city's Ethics Commission and a public matching funds campaign system "to help restore public trust in governmental and electoral institutions". The system worked well to diversify the candidates who can run for office, but needs updating.
  • Los Angeles voters are ready: A majority of city voters voted Yes on Proposition 15, the California Fair Elections Act, which would have set up a similar Fair Elections pilot project to the kind that Measure H will allow for Los Angeles.

Vote Yes on Measure H for Honest Government!