Donate to support Hack for Democracy!

Hack for Democracy is a hackathon to work on projects to get money out of politics and help the democracy movement. At this event, dozens of software, design and marketing professionals will work on relevant projects for 48 hours. These projects will help develop public awareness of the issue of corruption, propose creative solutions and help organize activists.

Your donation will help buy food and coffee for hackers volunteering their time and will help us to organize future hackathons. Projects worked on will include priorities from the California Clean Money Campaign and Professor Lawrence Lessig's New Hampshire rebellion, as well as participant ideas.

More info: www.TeamDemocracy.usRegister for the event.

All donations are tax-deductible.  The California Clean Money Campaign is supported by individual donors like you.  We take no corporate or union contributions.  Our small staff and low overhead ensure that your contributions are spent supporting our thousands of Clean Money volunteers!

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